WWOOF turns 50! - June 24, 2019

With WWOOF’s 50th birthday coming up in 2021 we wanted to gather some short videos, stories and photos from our awesome WWOOF members. This is a chance for us to thank you for such a wonderful community you have created through WWOOF. We want to showcase internationally some of the fun activities and projects you have accomplished over the years. Who can participate? Any host or WWOOFer who shared moments to create a project. In order to guide you in the process of presenting your project, we included some questions, but feel free to add what comes to your mind. Questions that can help: Are you a host or WWOOFer… Read More

Hosting American Students - February 21, 2019

Catherine Bayley, a senior lecturer of writing at the University of Maryland in the United States has contacted the WWOOF office about a writing class for her students to be carried out here in New Zealand. The students would work together on a farm each day and then in the evenings the students would reflect on that experience and write about elements of it. The class will be here in January 2020 around the 3rd – 17th and are looking for a farm to stay altogether who would be able to accommodate them. There will be between 10-15 students plus Catherine. The students would understand that they must be willing… Read More

Fire Safety -

Following on from the fires in Nelson I have spoken to a fire warden on how to keep safe and what to do if there is a fire. These are the key points: You should be looking/assessing your own properties from the perspective of keeping your house safe. Look at https://fireandemergency.nz/…/rural-home-fire-safety-check…/ You can also block downpipes and set up sprinklers on your roof. If you live mid slope and know there is too much vegetation around your house – make sure you and your family have an evacuation plan – and flag your letter box when you have left and shut the gate. In the event of being trapped in… Read More