Newsletter - August 25, 2006

A Résumé of the Art of Collecting Ideas, Memories and Experiences We are Thomas & Katja, the German WWoofing couple cycle-touring through NZ for 1 year. We have to go home soon, but before we leave this beautiful country, we wanted to write our final good bye. Bushbashing near Tauranga “What brought you to NZ?” A question we have been asked several times. Actually it’s all Thomas’ “fault” He wanted to go travelling with his bike and see another side of the planet, and Katja just came along. The Rest kind of developed along the way… What we found was a small country with a great variety of landscapes, nature and characters, welcoming us warmly and amazingly… Read More

Newsletter - July 25, 2006

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Newsletter - January 25, 2006

New Zealand My Way     by Maria Wu It does not matter where in the country you go, showpiece scenery is always on display: bays sprinkled with islands, snow-capped volcanoes, bright blue mountain lakes, sea cliffs and rocky caves, rivers and waterfalls in semi-tropical rainforests, white-sand beaches, ancient and giant trees, green grassy hills that plummet into river gorges.  And so it goes on.  Yes, the landscape is awesome.  And, as important, are the great people. Whether they are in the Visitor Information Centres or with hosts in country homes, you will be looked after by genuinely friendly, well-informed and down-to-earth folks.  New Zealand’s remoteness is precisely what keeps it precious… Read More