Newsletter - September 27, 2013

Hi,After living in Germany with a balcony the size of a postage stamp, then going up in size a little after we moved to Nelson – we have now purchased a 10 acre property, and I have a whole new appreciation for how much of an effort WWOOF hosts have to put into their land!  We love this new chapter in our lives but are seriously considering getting WWOOFers to help!The new website is being worked on and we are looking forward to launching it soon, hopefully ; ) !!  The main improvements will be the new fabulous look, it will be compatible for use with mobile devices, images will… Read More

Newsletter - May 27, 2013

Hello WWOOF hosts and WWOOFers!I know ‘non-farmers’ have loved this endless summer we had, but I do hope that the farmers were not too affected by the draught and now floods! This newsletter really should have come to you a couple of months ago – we seem to have missed Christmas and New Year…A lot of time and head space have been taken up by assisting in the formation of a represenative body for WWOOF organisations around the world. With the phrase “Think global – act local” in mind WWOOF groups are joining together to manage those things in WWOOF that are international, such as the general information website and… Read More