WWOOFer / Host appreciation – paying it forward - September 15, 2016

  This is an opportunity for you to show your appreciation to your outstanding WWOOFers, and WWOOFers to do the same for their favourite hosts!  We’ve all had them and you know what I’m talking about.  Below a few WWOOFer and host quotes to get you thinking: The atmosphere was simply perfect!! Our stay was way too short and we wish we could have stayed longer! Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality, the fun times and friendship!! I felt absolutely comfortable, home and welcome in a way I have not felt on my travels before. I don’t think it gets better than this, she is endlessly kind, patient,… Read More

Bulk messaging / no replies - September 13, 2016

We understand that WWOOFers emailing hosts and then not replying when hosts respond can be an issue for hosts. The problem arises when WWOOFers send messages to a number of hosts and then receive a number of positive responses. After deliberating for a few days they will pick the host they like best and confirm only with them without letting the other hosts know that they wish to decline their offer. This is understandably frustrating for hosts. On the other hand a WWOOFer may read a number of host profiles, spend time writing a personal message tailored to one particular host, and then not receive a reply at all or maybe… Read More

Cultural Exchange update - September 12, 2016

All new hosts are given clear definitions of WWOOF and Cultural Exchange and are taken through a series of questions to determine which program is most suitable for them.  At next year’s renewal date you will be given the opportunity to go through those questions to ensure we have you listed in the right program. You know what you can offer far better than we do! Just to clarify, a cultural exchange does happen with both programmes and it is a very important part of the experience. The difference comes in that WWOOF is a more specialised group which offers organic learning opportunities. Below are the definitions, if you are… Read More