Hosting American Students - February 21, 2019

Catherine Bayley, a senior lecturer of writing at the University of Maryland in the United States has contacted the WWOOF office about a writing class for her students to be carried out here in New Zealand. The students would work together on a farm each day and then in the evenings the students would reflect on that experience and write about elements of it.
The class will be here in January 2020 around the 3rd – 17th and are looking for a farm to stay altogether who would be able to accommodate them. There will be between 10-15 students plus Catherine. The students would understand that they must be willing to really work for a set number of hours per day. A few of the students may be willing to stay in tents but better if there is place inside.
Please get in touch by writing to if you would be interested in hosting an American group of writing students

We think it will be a great experience for both the host and the writing class!

Look forward to hearing from you

Andrew, Jane and Alannah