WWOOF turns 50! - June 24, 2019

With WWOOF’s 50th birthday coming up in 2021 we wanted to gather some short videos, stories and photos from our awesome WWOOF members. This is a chance for us to thank you for such a wonderful community you have created through WWOOF. We want to showcase internationally some of the fun activities and projects you have accomplished over the years.

Who can participate?

Any host or WWOOFer who shared moments to create a project.

In order to guide you in the process of presenting your project, we included some questions, but feel free to add what comes to your mind.

Questions that can help:

Are you a host or WWOOFer and what is your name and age?

What are you doing when not WWOOFing?

What is the name of this project you’d like to share with us?

When did it happen and how long did it take?

What was the goal of the project and how many people participated?

Which activities were done during this project?

What was your role in it?

Which main souvenir would you keep from it?

Have you keep in contact with the WWOOFers and host?

Have you been to visit your WWOOFer in their home?


Pictures and videos:

Do you have pictures or videos that we could add to your text?

Please send any stories, photos and videos to: hello@wwoof.nz


A huge thank you to all of our members here at WWOOF NZ! We look forward to hearing your stories and watching some videos of fun projects you have achieved through the WWOOF program.

Best Wishes

Andrew, Jane and Alannah