WWOOF, Cultural Exchange and Tips on How to Make the Most Out of Your Profile - November 21, 2018

A reminder about WWOOF and Cultural Exchange:

WWOOF is about living and learning on organic farms and gardens. WWOOF hosts are expected to use ecologically sound methods and involve their WWOOFers primarily in organic growing, farming or gardening. Hosts demonstrate and teach WWOOFers a variety of organic gardening and farming practices. Joining in with daily family life is also part of the expectation.

Cultural Exchange was created as there were people wanting to join WWOOF who were offering great experiences but not primarily focused on practicing organic principals. There were also WWOOFers joining who were not really interested in learning about organic farming practices.

We do consider cultural exchange to be happening in both categories. WWOOF however is a niche that is for hosts who will involve their WWOOFers primarily in organic growing, farming or gardening to visitors who are mainly interested in learning about organic farming and gardening and experiencing sustainable lifestyles. These two sites co exist happily by meeting the specific expectations and needs of a diverse range of people.

Blast from the Past: We were remembering a host who complained that WWOOFers aren’t like they used to be. The host was shocked and horrified that WWOOFers were requesting use of their fax machine 🤣  Compare that to today with instant communications to family and friends at home via mobile phone and wifi!

Ideas on how to make a A Good Host Profile:

WWOOF hosts are unique in that you offer a place for those who are interested in learning about organic farming and gardening. To help attract WWOOFers to your place we need to be proactive. Profiles need to be up to date. This can be done very easily with your personal online profile. Describe all the interesting projects WWOOFers can join in with and skills they can learn. Include information about family life and also local attractions and activities WWOOFers can do after their daily WWOOFing. The new Balfour profile has a special place for this. Add lots of instagram quality photos and even short videos. The trend is for less words. Say it in photos instead. Here is a link to a couple of hosts who have a great profile that might give you some inspiration.



Also there is no harm in messaging the WWOOFers directly. This may take a little extra time but is beneficial as you can read through the WWOOFer profiles and find ones that you think would fit in with your family and property.

Social media is a great place to attract people so if you haven’t specifically unmarked the box to promote your photos we can promote your place on social media. *Note; no-one can see who you are or where you are unless they are actually a member and logged into the WWOOF website. There is a box when you click on ‘manage photos’ that you need to click if you are happy for us to promote your place on social media.

We are here to help and will actively promote your place. Read through the ideas above on how to make a good profile and attract WWOOFers to your place.

Andrew, Jane and Alannah


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