Travelling chef – please contact the office if you can help! - January 27, 2017

My name is Victor, I’m a 26 years old French chef.
I’m travelling the world with my best Friend , Ben, 27, who is a designer.
We are travelling the world, making a documentary about food security.
All around the world, we are meeting farmers,chefs,entrepreneurs, scientists
that are trying to change our world in a way. Changing people’s way of
consuming, changing people way of thinking.
Our goal is to make a web série or even a movie that could raise awareness,
making people thinking ” hey, if they can do it in India, Cambodia, or Bolivia, why can’t I do it ?”

We are looking for every type of “profile” (if I may say :p) Everything ! As long
as it’s done in an eco-friendly and sustainable way, trying to find
solutions for a brighter future.
We do believe that a lot of issues the world is facilng could be solve into
our plates

We are in New Zealand starting the 19 th of February till the 5th of march doing a
road trip from  Auckland to Christchurch !

We would love to meet you and spending a couple of days and sharing some
thoughts with you.

Looking forward to hear from you !
Best regards,
Victor Mercier