Korean WWOOFers - February 18, 2020

WWOOF Korea has requested to work closer with us to encourage Koreans to WWOOF in New Zealand. WWOOF is very popular in Korea and New Zealand is a popular destination so WWOOF Korea will partner with us and help people interested in WWOOFing to sign up. WWOOFers will be able to go to the office in Korea and sign up with the help of WWOOF Korea. If you are particularly interested in hosting Korean WWOOFers we would love to hear from you. The WWOOFers will still go through the usual process of signing up on the WWOOF NZ site in order to have an active membership . This is just an extra step to make it easier for those who want a bit more support and assurance when coming to a New Zealand.

Thank you for your support with WWOOF and WWOOF Korea

Andrew, Jane and Alannah