Feedback is important, it lets other members know what to expect

What is Feedback?

  • Feedback is when members write on each other’s profiles describing their experiences with each other. 
  • Feedback allows for the sharing of information with other members about their experience, enabling members to make more informed decisions.
  • Feedback should be accurate and relevant to the experience with the member.
  • Personal attacks are not allowed on WWOOF, nor are disrespectful or insulting attacks. Retaliation is not OK. 

We rarely remove feedback. It is not appropriate for us to intervene in members descriptions of their experience. We will however remove feedback if it is from someone who you have not had a WWOOF exchange with, unless provided for under the Confirmation and Cancellation Policy.

We will hide feedback if it does not follow our Code of Conduct. It will remain hidden until the member who left it has edited it to meet the Code of Conduct.

If you disagree with feedback on your profile that does not break our Code of Conduct, please remember that anyone reading it will also be able to read your response. In your response for that person, clearly and calmly explain your side of the story. People who visit your profile will be able to read both  and decide for themselves what they think.

In some cases, WWOOF may moderate, temporarily hide, or remove feedback content if it violates our Feedback Code of Conduct. If you do receive feedback or a feedback response that violates our Feedback Code of Conduct,  you can email the office. If the content you are reporting violates the Feedback Code of Conduct, it will be removed from your profile.

WWOOF does not delete a profile with negative feedback

We believe that each member of our community has the responsibility to make decisions about who they want to host or stay with. All feedback, even negative ones, share information with the community. A situation or way of behaving that one person finds incompatible may not bother others, which is why we believe our role is not to make judgments in the case of disputes but rather to encourage both parties to share information openly with the community. (Or one members worst WWOOF experience might anthers best!)

If you would like to make a formal complaint against another member due to a violation of our Terms of Use or Complaints Policy please contact us directly.

Can you remove feedback from my profile?

WWOOF does not usually interfere with feedback and will only consider doing so if it does not meet the Code of Conduct

Guidelines we consider when reviewing feedback disagreements:

  • The feedback is abusive or uses inappropriate language
  • The feedback is a personal attack or contains threats
  • The feedback was left when an exchange did not happen
  • The feedback reflects the experience of someone other than the author
  • The feedback discloses inappropriate or private information
  • The feedback is false

How to write feedback:

References should be factual, descriptive, and informative. The following is useful to consider:

  • Is the information on this member’s profile accurate?
  • If WWOOFed with them, did you find their home environment safe and welcoming?
  • If you hosted them, did you find them helpful and pleasant?
  • Describe your overall experience. What specifically made you feel that the experience was positive, neutral, or negative?
  • Would you host or WWOOF with this person again? Would you recommend this person to a friend or neighbour?
  • What personal qualities stand out about this person? Did you find them to be Positive? Respectful? Knowledgable?
  • What particular activities did you enjoy sharing with this person?