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Why is in the email address? Any time an email is sent from a server is must have the same domain as the website otherwise it will be treated as spam. When using the email button on the profile the email is being send form the website. This means the From address will be The Reply-To address is always the actual email of the sender.

What are archived conversations? Once you have finished messaging someone you can hide the conversation. This helps you keep track of your current conversations. To archive a conversation click on the cross icon on the conversation. To see your archived conversations just click on the recycle icon at the bottom of your conversation list. You can add any archived conversations back in to your current conversations by clicking on the tick icon.

How do I permanently delete a conversation? Your archived conversations will have a trash icon. Click this and you will be asked if you wish to permanently delete the conversation. Take care with this as it can not be undone.

Please note:

  1. When you have deleted a conversation with someone, keep in mind they may not have deleted their conversation so they will still have a copy.
  2. If someone chooses to continue a conversation that you have already deleted, then that will open up the conversation once again. Of course you will be free to delete the conversation again, once it’s finished.
  3. Record for the conversation will be kept on the server until both members in the conversation have deleted their conversation.

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