Confirmation and Cancellation 

Organising a stay is the first step in the WWOOFing exchange. Usually there is a conversation about the details of the stay which of course includes agreeing on the date and length of the exchange.

We realise that while travelling it can be difficult to plan ahead, but this needs to be balanced with consideration for the host if an exchange is cancelled at short notice.  Here are some helpful guidelines on managing confirmations and cancellations.


WWOOF members can place feedback and comment on their experience after an exchange.  This is a great way of showing your appreciation for your host or WWOOFer.  It is important to us that you can speak freely and we will not interfere as long as feedback remains respectful and accurate.  More hints and tips for writing feedback here.


Even with the best intentions in the world on both sides, things may not always work out. If this happens, neither you nor your host are obliged to continue and host or WWOOFer can end the exchange at any time.

If the situation is extreme, it is essential that you let us know immediately at katrin@wwoof.nz  The procedure we will follow in that case is outlined here.